Precious People Of God And Love

     The greatest people of God are not the rich, vain, and selfish, but those who lay down their lives for others each and every day.  Besides my giving and loving parents, I have met little, but great in love people  that gave all they had.  The coffeehouse waitress that gave sunshine and joy to everyone's morning that brought coffee and donuts from her.  Her joy, laughter, and sunshine filled the crowded room from people who came to see her joy of the morning.  The friends that brought me to religious meetings, and never complained, or asked for any gas money.  When these friends came to get me they would have take out pizza.  They would offer me some pizza, even though I had supper at home, and this was their supper which they shared with me. The people that I had worked at McD's many years ago, would always give me a free meal.  For the man that had worked with me at McD's that went to Dunkin Donuts, and would always give me a free box of a dozen donuts.  I was so blessed by these acts of kindness, I would just cry.  For the free suppers I received from the Detox Hospital I worked at, and the love from the residents and staff that I received there. After supper, the residents and I would go upstairs with our coffee, and watch old star trek reruns.  This however, was my first time, but the residents enjoyed my presence watching the old rerun.  For the close friends that would be there for me, in my joys, and in my sorrows.  For the many counseling and advise I received from street people that made a wonderful difference in my life.  For the God bless you I received from a street person friend that had a most unfortunate life.  For a friend of my daughter that went to a baseball game with me when no one else wanted to go. For the Christmass dinner the McD's workers had that even Chef Ramsey would be greatly impressed with, and we all shared and gave to this banquet.   None of these people were rich, spoiled, or high society snobs. Their smiles, joys, and friendship I would always remember and will be cherished forever.  I found love, and it was with the most wonderful people I have met out there.
Alicehath Alicehath
56-60, F
Sep 2, 2011