Save Yourself, Save Others

     Reach out and Love one another.  Be good to each other.  Be excellent to each other.  I hear a lot about school bullying.  Stop the hate.  Be constructive.  Not destructive.  Do not fill up graveyards.  Do not fill up mental hospitals.  Do not fill up suicidal statistical listings.  Do not fill up  alcohol and drug counseling detox hospitals, and programs.  Do not fill up AA meetings.  When we go to school, we all should be graduating doing well.  Not being sick, and needed a lot of treatment and help.  When I was a teenager I read a famous book, and the movie about a girl that died from a life of drugs.  The book was called "Go ask Alice".  I have the same  first name so it affected me greatly.  Alice tried to keep clean, and stay clean after years of rehab. from a school that pushed drugs into her.  Finally, the drug school culture won, and she died.  She filled another place in a graveyard.  Give one another life.  Make one another happen.  Fulfill one another"s goals and dreams.  I read a book called "Go Tell It On The Mountain".  It is a priest that worked with poor Appalachian families.  He loved and helped them all.  His deacon of His college would say to him "I want more, you can do better than that".  He started from very little to building up a church, two summer camps, and a school.  Help fulfill everyone's dreams.  Be compassion and mercy to those with problems.  Show everyone what Christ's love is in you to make a better difference in their lives.  People will notice ,and think better of you.  I use to stop a a stop sign in front of a tavern across the street.  As the cars went by on the main road, many people that had been there would look at me as I sat at the stop sign.  I would drive by, and smile as I went to the church services, prayer meeting's, and bible studies I went to every night.  All the people looked at me knowing I was going to all these religious services.  They knew I was not going into that tavern.  I did inquire, and my friends did say they only admired and thought a great deal of me of going to religious services that bettered my life.  Believe me living a life for Christ, can make a better difference in this world.  You just don't know who is looking.   You can save lives by being the best in Christ.  Jesus came into this world to save you, and to save others. Help Jesus in saving your friends, and family.  You will be blessed that you did.  They will be there loving you as well.
Alicehath Alicehath
56-60, F
May 9, 2012