The Times They Are a Changin . . .

Wow it's been a long time since I've been to this place, some of you may or may not remember me, I believe I had a little bit of a following with some of my experiences heh.

So what has been happening with me in the last however long it's been since I was here you ask? Well . . . how long have you got?

Last time I was with you I was still with Sam. That went on for about another 6 months and was great, but unfortunately some good things must end, feelings faded somewhat, she moved and sadly it ended. That was about January this year.

It's been an interesting adventure since then I can tell you. Found myself with another lass, which lasted a couple of months, only ending quite recently, a tale of love, happiness, confusion, heartbreak, many things in a short amount of time, but I'll save the full story for another time. More or less, I couldn't handle not knowing what was going on, one minute things were good, then not, then good again, then not again, I simply couldn't take it, so it had to end.

Now as that period in my life ends I already found myself someone who I think will be quite wonderful for me. Things seem going great right now, she's fantastic, musical, intelligent, funny, I'm quite happy, I think I'm finally past all the major trials for now.

I'm selling my house soon, going to go and rent for a while, relax and forget about responsibilities for a bit. It was nice homeowning for a while, but I'm sick of working the same 9 to 5 office job, 6 days a week, paying my mortgage, I just want to live for a while, do something different, have some fun.

I feel a lot of changes coming on soon, and I think they're going to be great, hope to share them with you after such a long absence.


Deyve Deyve
18-21, M
Apr 10, 2007