Live In House With X And His New Girlfriend

I had not been in a love relationship for quite some time. Actually, my husband passed away in April 2012. He and I had been separated for 3 years, but were still married and during that time I didn't date anyone else. Well, my best friend was trying to play matchmaker and set up a double date with one of her boyfriend's friend. On that date no bells or whistles went off and before the night was over his psycho x-girlfriend kept calling him non-stop. Okay, so I saw him a couple of times at my friend's house and we basically ignored each other until about the third time. He and I struck up a conversation. The next morning my best friend called to say that "G" wanted my phone number and could she give it to him. I said yes, and he called me shortly after and asked me to come over to his house. I declined a couple of times and then I went to his house one Sunday afternoon. We talked, he made me laugh and he made dinner (he could cook). The next day he called and asked me to come over again. Well, I ended up at his house everyday after work. It had been so long since I had any attention from a male suitor he drew me right in. He was adamant about how he just had ended a very bad relationship and that he did not want to be in another relationship for 6 months to a year. I told him that's fine. He said he wanted a pal, a best friend, someone he could talk to. Well, most of my good friends through life were males, so, I thought it would be cool. He would always say that he really liked and let's be friends first. OKAY, THAT'S FINE WITH ME. The next thing I know, everyone he talks to on the phone he tells he has a new girl, or a new girlfriend. I wouldn't object to it and all his friends thought just that. And yes, his X was and still is PSYCHO!!!

So, all is well Until . . . he would get into these mood swings and tell me again that he doesn't want a girlfriend. Then later he would apologize and tell me he loves me.

He had a spare bedroom that he needed to rent. He asked me to rent it and it would just be my closet and art room because I sleep in his room. On Dec. 30th I moved in.

On New Year's eve I was sick with the flu. When I came home he told me to put my pajamas on and get into bed. He made me soup and gave me cough medicine. Then an acquaintance of ours came over. This woman had been coming over a lot lately. "G" said she has cancer and he thinks she's dying. He said he thought she was homeless, but was too embarrassed to say it . He had let her and a friend rent his RV in the back yard for a few days. She just kept coming in the house making herself at home more and more. So, on New Year's eve she needed a ride. It was about 9:00pm. They left and when I hadn't heard from him at 12 midnight I called him. He didn't answer. Finally, he answered and told me he couldn't talk to me don't call him, he would call me and he would explain later. They got back at 1:20am.

He didn't want to talk to me. Later that day he told me not to talk to him that he was uptight. She was still there. He was talking and laughing with her and ignoring me. THEN, he revved up his motorcycle and told me to watch the house. The next thing I know, she comes walking out with a helmet under her arms. I asked her where she was going and she said she was going for a ride with Mark, a friend who had stopped by. I walked in the house and I see her get on with my boyfriend and take off. I hadn't even ridden with him on his bike yet.

To make a long story shorter. He dumped me and because I had already moved in he just made me move out of his bedroom and he moved her in. All the things he used to do for me he does for her. And she acts like she's my best friend. I have no where else to go right now. He blatantly kisses her in front of me and tells her he loves her.

It's really a messed up situation.
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I know, it is terrible and to make matters worse, he lives in a million dollar home and I really like my bedroom. I looked at a place yesterday that wants $100 more for a room and bathroom that together are smaller than my bedroom. I can't believe the nerve of his girlfriend. She's always so nice to me and tells me that they are not together (yeah right).

Yes, it is humiliating. I dread going home at night.

How can you put up? at least a temporary move, flat share with someone or a bedsit..something to take your mind and body away from this terrible situation.

This must be a terrible situation for you.. Traumatic and frustrating to be treated like trash. Mental abuse too.