The Benefits Are Real. You Are The Reason!

I originally came here to share my pain and gain advice. I did. I have already seen a change for the better. I have felt a weight release from me. I still feel pain, and I haven't yet gotten over my husbands cheating, but I did grow. I was worried my husband was falling out of love with me, and that he wasn't attracted to me any longer. I knew my sad mood was a problem but couldn't help it. Well, last night, my husband made a move for me. I fell into it with open arms! It was everything I needed. I talked to him about this site. I said it was a way for me to get through his actions that hurt me so badly. He was surprisingly ok with it. He even seemed to like one of the women I became friends with. He hasn't been permitted to see my profile or site. This is for me. But he does seem to see that I am not crazy for still feeling hurt after 8 months of crying. He seemed to feel bad for the people sharing my hurt, and even understand my own sadness. I don't want a sexless marriage, I love sex. I love sex with him. I love feeling close to him, and feeling beautiful. I mourned the loss of our connection, and that was not sexy to him. This site made my confidence rise. The people I spoke with and those who helped me made me feel whole. The rest is starting to settle naturally. I don't know if it will stick, but I thought it important to show the positives the site will give to us. Please, continue to grow your circle of friends. Support each member here. Comment on the stories you read, give honest feedback. Trust me, it helps so much! I wish all here the best new year and really wish the happiest fairytale ending to all the extraordinary people choosing to share the pain of strangers. You all are responsible for the optimism I have going into the new year! Thank you and God bless you!!
lisa4gotten lisa4gotten
26-30, F
Dec 31, 2010