10 days ago my girlfriend left me. She said she was going through so much and was spread too thin and she could only focus on herself and not us as a couple. It hurt like hell, but I understood. But last night She wanted to meet for a talk so we went to a local coffee shop, and I could tell something was on her mind. And then she spit out the real reason why she broke up with me. She was at a party on a Saturday night. She had a few to drink and there was a guy flirting with her. And as the night wore on, she started flirting back, and one thing led to the next and she ended up cheating on me. So on Sunday morning she called me, crying saying she had to end our relationship because of her hurting too bad, but in reality the main reason she broke up with me is because she cheated on me with some guy she didn't even know, and she couldn't even look at me because of her guilt.
It's been a rough few days.
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Thank you Woobie. Yeah, it sucks pretty badly. I was head over heals for her. Still am really, just realy disappointed in her. And I feel betrayed, and angry that she destroyed what we had. Because it really was beautiful. I hope the right gal for me is out there.

can i just say she's an idiot? thank you.

Hahaha, thanks Woobie. Anybody who wrongs me, you're allowed to insult :P, dammit. that sucks so hard. i'm really sorry to hear it, sweetie. you deserve much better, and i'm sure the right girl is out there waiting for her opportunity. all my best to you... XOXOXO

Thanks Some, I'm hurting but I'll live. I just wish she was never at that party.

That really blows, man. Guilt makes people do some ****** up stuff and I'm positive she will look back on this and regret it for the rest of her life.

Thank you both for the kind words :) I think I'm holding up pretty good all things considered, but still hurting and feel betrayed

I assure you one thing my friend - your pain and the feelings of "oh hell, where did I go wrong?!!?!" will subside soon and that will turn into anger. Unfortunately, anger is one of the best remedies to completely forget about something. Take it from someone who has traveled this road once before :)

I appreciate it brother, I do. Just yeah, still hurting,

I feel for you brother - hopefully you'll be able to move past this and into a relationship where your gf/wife/etc loves you more than anything and wouldn't sacrifice something quality for one night of "quickies". Shame on her, but at least she had the guts to tell you the truth......albeit late.<br />
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All the crying and the guilt and all that jazz doesn't excuse the fact that she did, in fact, cheat. You'd be smart not to entertain her advances anymore.<br />
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Keep your head up camper!