Betrayed By 2

I was married at 17 in a small, private ceremony- 2 months after meeting the guy. I don't know why I got married, really. I was young, stupid, figured it wouldn't hurt. I didn't really take it seriously. We seemed to see eye to eye. Then things changed when we got married. From the beginning we were having problems, but everyone just kept telling us it was "normal". Things just got worse and worse. Because he worked and I studied, he insisted moving to where his parents lived so it would be closer to work. He always found some excuse to not be home with me and it broke my heart. He worked a rotating shift, which didn't help. I just shrugged things off and told myself nothing was wrong, we were just going through what everyone else did and not to panic. He always had to be at his parents' house. It didn't help that his family and I, namingly enough his mother, couldn't stand the very existance of one another. (Funnily enough she loved me when we were just dating.) I wasn't good enough, I didn't cook well, my house wasn't clean- you know how evil MILs can get. I was eventually told to "get the f*** out" of her house, and did so, without complaining.
My husband took it hard, especially because I was pregnant and I suppose he wanted his family around. He was so used to dragging me there daily and now he couldn't so instead, he began dragging me to my mother's house-daily. A few weeks into it I began to feel uneasy, and I didn't really know why, but I felt something was horribly wrong. My husband and my sister seemed to be getting close-too close for comfort. I can't pin point anything in particular except this one time, I wastelling my sister about how I felt our marriage was starting to straighten out, and she got up abruptly and left the room. I told my older sister that I thought he was having an affair with my younger sister. My eldest sister simply shrugged it off, told me I was being ridiculous and that my younger sister would never do anything like that. I ignored my feelings after that. I figured she was right.
One day, my brother and I went to visit my mother, but she was out with my younger sister and had left the younger kids at home. I went into my sisters room, where I found her phone on her study table. I don't know what went through my head, but something told me 'look through it'. I did. I don't know what i expected, but I found what I'd been hoping I wouldn't. My husband was having an affair with my younger sister. I was heartbroken. I was so angry. I cried in my brothers arms for what felt like an eternity.
I confronted both of them at a later stage seperately. I asked my sister what I had ever done to her to deserve it. She told me that i had done nothing wrong, but she had always been jealous- I was prettier, skinnier and more charming. She added that she wasn't jealous 'anymore'. I left her for dead then. I also found out that 2 days after I had found out she had gone to his work and had given him an ultimatum- her or me. She said she didn't care about the baby, and even told him that the baby 'wasn't even his'.
I guess the moral of the story is when they cheat, it's usually someone you've brought into your home.
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wow i'm sorry this happened to you. people can be so cold. i'm sure your sister will regret this one day.

Your sister is young and clearly dumb. She might live to regret this hardship she has put you through. I hope you find the courage and will to not hold onto the pain for too long. People make mistakes, huge ones. Allow time to heal you and get you through this horrible situation. Please don't think this is your fault either.