I had this boyfriend for almost three years who cheated on me with this girl. Apparently the two them didn't work out. We became friends again three months after we broke up. He asked for a second chance. I don't normally give second chances to people who broke my trust but I figured I'd try it this time since I'm not that young naive girl I was anymore. We're not together yet but I told him that I'd give him a chance to prove that he is worthy of my love and trust. I also told him that I can only totally forgive him when he talks to my parents since they really hate him for what he did to me.

It was okay at first but as we spend more time with each other I just can't help thinking that I made the wrong decision. I really want to give him this chance and I don't want to hurt him by not giving him this chance but I don't really think I can love him like I loved him when we were still together. I don't even think I still love him.

As the days pass by I get even more confused of my feelings for him. Maybe I just have to enjoy my single life right now; let my heart completely heal before thinking about going into another relationship.
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maybe u two shud just b friends for now. ya know becuz wat if he cheats or something ya kno. let each other see other people and if u two still have strong feelings for each other later then u shud. i just think u two should have friend time for a little but