This is for the people who are still heartbroken and think that it willalways be the same.
I.was badly hurt and betrayed by my ex years ago and ive never trusted a man for years.. my ex cheated on me 4 then 2 weeks before we where due to be married he ran off and married a girl in new zealand..
A good few months later i met a man called andy,he was lovely to me but i was in the wrong place in my head and couldnt bring myself to trust him. i had a few short relationships but the trust wasnt there so i dicided to stay single and bring my kids up on my own. i stayed single for 12 years and then my niese said that some man was looking for me on the net , it was andy:) weve been together for 5 years and married for 3 of them years and i trust him with my life.. so please dont give up coz men aint all the same.. :)
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Hmmmm will the time ever be right?? I dont agree with affairs as you will probs know from my story and i also believe that the grass is never greener on the other side but thats just me.. Sorry to say but i feel sorry for her husband because he is going to go through what i went through. My vows are for life, i love my hubby and always will.. <3