When Will My Tears Dry Up

So five weeks after the devastating news that the love of my life, father of my children betrayed me and my tears wont stop falling! I stay so busy trying to not have a moment to think about it or get myself upset, but there is always moments that i do and it hurts. Its like i want to move on or past it all, but i cant. I cant decide to stay or go. My kids make it hard because i dont want to break up their lives, they are too young to understand. I dont wanna leave, but dont know how to move on or trust. When will mytears dry up? When will my heart be whole again?
sarahgarl84 sarahgarl84
2 Responses May 16, 2012

think many times kids are better off with a singal parent then in a home with no love just get good advice and make him pay

Aww bless you hun, ive been there so i know how you feel and i know that youve heard this before but time does heel. I know that you will be thinking that i wish people would get lost and stop saying that coz we are wrong, i used to think the same. <br />
how old are you children,if they are young then they will bounce back with your help and love. mine was only two and four. they missed their dad obviously, they asked about him for a while but it did become less and less and he didnt get intouch with them for about six months and then nothing for a couplr of years