No More Tears.

I am hurt, more than I have ever been in my entire life. It is pathetic that I am strung up over just one guy, but I can't help but wonder if there is a reason why... I can dwell on it for hours on end till I have reached a daze of pure unruling pain. I can not cry though, I have been past that point, He has moved on but why can't I?... I was happy before he had enterd my life, and now that he is gone I am lost. What's the point.. It's not like I would ever take him back.. it's not like even if everything was normal that I would be okay. I guess I am just always going to be waiting, left here knowing if he ever will understand that he hurt me. I guess I am waiting him to tell me his sorry, maybe once or if he does everything would be okay... but what am I supposed to do now.. am I supposed to sit and wait for everything to be okay? How do I let go and move on... I want to be able to have my feelings back I want to smile and be happy again.. not that I need someone there just so I can but the mending of my shattered heart. I want to be released from the exhausting journey of putting on an act like everything is okay. I am so over being hurt by love but also wanting something that I know will never happen for me right now, I am falling into a pit of despair and an over powering heartless feeling for everything good in my life.
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I feel your pain. My boyfriend of 12 years broke up with me about two months ago. While he has already moved on I have not. I am sad and miss him like crazy. Just like you though I would not take him back because I know he would not change. I wish he knew how much he hurt me and how much pain i am in. I wish he would say he was sorry for all the trouble he has caused me but I know it will never happen. He has hurt my in ways he will never understand and I somehow need to learn to accept this. Tell me, are you feeling any better yet? I can't wait for the day I start to feel better and can begin to love life again.

I feel u gurl :/<br />
Be stronge ! Time heals all wounds...