Jackal And Hyde

I really thought you were the one, but I guess I was wrong. I feel a bit decieved and used. I kind of thought I was with a conn. But we go through life thinking that everything is all good and fine and next minute something happens out of the blue that makes you think twice about the guy your with.

I mean all in all you think he is like the sweetest guy in the world and that he is your prince in shining armour and that you are just in awe of him and be dazzled by his charming ways because he's handsome, he's got a great body, he's got a well paid job, and he has a well off income.

But then you start to see for what he truly is and its something that is totally out of character. You never saw it coming. I tried to adjust to his ways by pleasing him. But he was like jackal and hyde. I didn't know what kind of mood he would be in next. One minute hes happy and good, the next minute he would be so selfish and mean.

I was with a control freak, but he controlled me in a way that I did not know he was controlling me at all. All I knew was that we were in love and I was obsessed about him. He was taking over my life, my thoughts and my well being.

Well the good news is that I have left the building. It's over with him now. Im tired of wasting my time, energy and love on a selfish person. I'm tired of playing the game of love and it will take me a while to get back in it again.

So I'm going to bide my time into other things to keep me busy. Focus on myself alot more and not let myself get into the love game for a while till I heal in time.

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I guess I know how you feel, he seems to be like my ex-bf, except for the job part.

I'm glad that you sound so confident :) I wish I could learn it from you.

Take care!

Thanks, yeah we learn from our experiences and we come out stronger and more determined. All the best for you:-)

Handsome, good body and well paid job.<br />
Not really reasons to love someone.

That's true, I guess I didn't add the other qualities that I loved about him because I wrote this in a time of hurt and anger. I loved him for his humble attitude and caring nature at the start of the relationship. I guess I can say this now cause I've forgiven him in my heart.

i know how you feel ive been in the same situation with someone i gave it my all. The mood swings, not knowing who you were going to get ive been there. Its terrible its been 2 years for me and still theres a part of me i dont think will ever get over it. I loved her with all my heart and something like that never really goes away

Yeah it does take a while. For a while now I've been dealing with P.M.S (Pissed of at Men Syndrome) since my ex. But life can be funny, till recently I found out there really are good men out there. It's up to our vulnerable soft hearts to unlock itself for the experience of love and heartache again. Don't give up on finding love again:)

Everyone should be selfish to some extent. Giving your life away to someone else doesn't sound like much of a person to me at all. I think your decision was sound.

Well thanks for your opinion, everybody is entitled to one. I guess in life everybody has to fall in order to help themselves get back up. I had to learn the hard way, everybody does, but then it makes us understand life better and learn better for ourselves in the future.

This is something I can really relate to at a very personal level....it sucks to be manipulated and duped that way...been there twice and each time after it ended I felt like a complete jackass....but time wore on and now I see it as a cornerstone in my understanding of people around me....take care...

I Can Understand.I Really Like This.Good Luck On Finding Happiness And Someone Who Can Truly Love You Right.<3