My Best Friend

You promised me you would walk across the Sahara to gather sand for my hourglass.
You promised you would lay by the seashore with me and just stare into each other eyes.
You promised to sit with me by the lake and skip rocks across the surface.
You promised to love me til the end.

You kissed her on her nose and handed her my sand.
You laid with her at the shore while she played with the one-eye snake.
You sat by the lake with her and body rocked as the moon shined on the surface of the lake.
You left me in the end for my best friend you A%%.
misery22 misery22
36-40, F
4 Responses May 30, 2012

Painfull and heartbreaking, don't know how long ago it happened but please give yourself time to mourn what once was yours. Better that he show his true colours befor he put a ring on your finger. They deserve each other as they both cheaters and show disloyalty, not characters u would choose in a best friend or a boy friend. I know what it feels like to have the man u love walk out on you (it sucks big time) but you will survive once you let go of him on an emotional level. It will take time but not a life time. Hugs.

Yes. Heal my child. Lovely poetry.

sorry for this but this is very typical inf american people. **** your best friend wife of husband. a guy after a few drinks offered me to tell me the story of his life, he was actually having sex with his best friend's wife for over three years!! he added saying, i have not told my best friend just yet. at that point I wanted to puke in his face, and also tolled him he was a f&*^% snake and spineless son of the b...&^%$( <br />
I was so disgusted. he never thought I was going to react that way.<br />
I mentioned if I he does not leave I will punch him, cause he is not a friend he is a traitor! the coward left the place.

Awwww so sorry you had this experience, they reel u in then break our hearts.<br />
I wish you happiness and someone who will adore you and treat you like alady.