Love And Betrayal

This happened not so long ago, with a beautiful girl, which I dated for about a year. She was beautiful: her eyes, her smell, her figure, her charming and attractive personality - I loved everything about it. I was really deep in love with her, very attached even tho I gave her some freedom. But when you're in love, you are either blind, or happy - if it's both sided love. In my case, it was one side love, and she was just toying with me. So I was blind. While I was dating with her, she was already flirting with some other guy, I didn't know. Once, I've been celebrating my cousins birthday, we got kinda drunk and so we went at night in the city. We went to the park, and I saw my girlfriend there. I wanted to run to her, kiss her and say hello, but then I saw another guy coming to guy. His name was Justas. He's a bodybuilder type guy, and a flirting one, who likes to date all the girls, **** them, and then dump them. For a simple guy, he would be a threat, but it's not for me. Boxing experience there came in handy. So I saw that guy next to her, and I thought I'd hide under the tree. It was dark, so they couldn't see me. I watched as the guy came to her, and kissed her. That moment, was the worst of my life. I felt hear broken. My adrenaline rushed, and I was so furious as I never was. Love, was the most important thing in my life. I couldn't stay there, so I ran to her. I was literally crying. I pushed the girl away, and beat the crap out of that guy, till I broke his nose, and I saw his blood flowing on the ground. I kept hitting until police came, and she pushed me away. So I ended up in the jail, for fighting a guy and making him severe injuries. I had to sit in the jail for three days, until they let me go. After I got out, the girl of my, was apologizing me. She wanted to come back to me, but my heart was bleeding. I rejected her forever...
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I think you made a mistake going after the guy. He wasnt the one that had a commitment to you, she was. Thats who your anger should be directed towards. I myself jsut got my heart broken and Id truthfully rather take a dirtry beating than feel this type of pain. My now ex bf had been acting distant for the past month. When I questioned him he acted defensive. Turns out he had cheated on me with his best friend (female), finally admitted it and broke up with me for her. My first thought was to kill the ***** but then realized that he was the one that screwed me over, not her. You should ex this ***** out of your life for good, move on and find someone that deserves your love. Good luck!

thank you =) when I'll feel the need to. Because now I really don't. Personally, I think I didn't make a mistake. He got what he deserved, he took her

In my opinion you did the right thing. Sometimes those type of girls get into thinking they can get away with it because you are so into them. My ex got away with it, at least now I have the experience to never let it happen again. As do you. Goodluck my friend.

yeah, too bad that I'm rather straight forward, so when I'm in love I sink there with all my heart, but I guess you live and learn. I'll try not to do same again. Thanks, good luck you too

I'll need some time before I could date another person

As you should, she cheated. Find someone who feels the same for you.