I Still Do Love You

the feeling of betrayal still surges and it leaves me broken,beaten and shattered i can't even cry hard enough and when i close my eyes all i can see are the moments we spend together. i don't hate you for betraying me, i don't hate for lying, i hate you because you leave me and now i'm loosing myself. i can't lie to myself that no matter how painful the thing you've done to me i still love you. even my friends told me that i'm crazy for loving you this much. but when i love i truly love deeply even that person deceive me, i always tend to forgive because as i say if you love someone you'll still going to accept him no matter how painful it is he done to you. yes i was betrayed but still loving. hurt much... :'(
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3 Responses Aug 1, 2012

you're in love with the man you imagined as being faithful because you believed he loved you as much as you loved him. The man who was unfaithful might look the same and sound the same but is not the one you thought you knew. But you are allowed to grieve for the loss of the relationship that could have been, if he'd been the man you thought he was.<br />
But he wasn't and would you really want to live with someone who came back home from time to time smelling of another woman's perfume? <br />
Try Adele Rolling in the Deep. Change your hair colour. Go to a bar with a friend and<br />
try flirting.<br />
Hope this helps.

Thanks you, you really gave me a lot, your word are healing, in fact I'm a guy who had the same expiernce, I thought that I'm the only one in the world who is thinking that way but now I trun on again


Who is he?

hmm You are girl and you are arguing about girl hmmmm