It was love at first sight as we stood in a mindless trance
Unnoticed were the rules of the game
eventually the fire escalated
I love that nothing could keep you away
I laughed at others who plotted and planned against me
Three years I stared back
I could not make the choice you wanted
Alas you gave in to others
Time changed nothing for we met again
Arms I felt safe in
Eyes I could never forget
Kisses that meant everything the one I climbed mountains for
The one who never referred to me as a Burden
In life we never know what crosses our path
Some of us denounce the value until it is too late
You were given a chance and you blew it like all the others
The test was easy yet you failed
When you came proclaiming your love
It was too late
You crossed me once but for me it was much for me to bear
natalie343 natalie343
31-35, F
Nov 28, 2012