Lose Trust

I find myself in the unusual situation where I have been betrayed twice.

The first time was not that serious as the relationship was more physical I would say. Being with the older girl, was good but that does come with a price too. The type of company that they keep and their likes opposed to me loving my sport. She had been in constant touch with her ex which I was not aware off. I was constantly being told that Joe was her brother. Well we live and learn.

The second time around, it was totally unfair. A relationship which I thought was quite strong for a number of years in my view, was not that really. I was being two timed as she had been flirting with another younger guy.

Well guys lessons learned. Do not mess around with the mature ones as they soon will find another younger one.

This has now made me rethink about my relationships. I have say that it is a completely new experience as I am still on my own. But, have had one good encounter.
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3 Responses Dec 5, 2012

Yes lessons learned. But we cannot paint all with the same brush. I have found that people are more sincere than we think.

I'm 'mature' by your standards but that doesn't make us all looking for the next young thing.

Don't let bad relationships define you.

The man I am in love with was betrayed by his first love and it has defined his entire life into our relationship which he is too afraid to trust and has ended it out of fear.

It saddens me but I can't change what his mind is too afraid to trust.

Just be more selective and don't let each relationship define the next one you enter into. I truly don't think people really know what they want in a relationship until they are 40.

Thank you Angel. I know what you mean. It is finding the right person who has nothing hidden in the closet.

No. It's not about finding the right person who has nothing hidden in the closet.

We ALL have skeletons. We ALL have some form of baggage. It's finding the right person who doesn't see the baggage as trash but sees it as war scars and accepts them as scars. Wounds of the past and not the present. Scars that do not definite who you are.

That's love.

How beautifully put. Yes you are so right.

It's all we can really do, man. We got those out there that are loyal to the bone... and then you have those that will unhook as soon as they catch whiff of new meat (Eww, disturbing image).

Anyways, you got out of it okay and I'm glad you are taking from it lessons, rather than angst. Really strong quality.