Is Waiting Worth It ?

I met a guy about 6 months ago. He is something completely different than what I am use to dating. How it all started was so random and unexpected. He had a party at his place which I attended and I had an intention of talking to him and getting him alone. My plan didn't work out as I plan therefore I gave up because we both work together so I didn't want to make it awkward. I had asked him to let my charge my phone so we went to his room and started talking next thing I know he kisses me and it leads to something more. In my head I thought it would be a one night thing. Next thing I know he is getting upset that I didn't cuddle with him the next morning. Days later he asked me out on a date I thought he was doing it so I won't feel bad after what ha happen. But we started hanging out more and things started falling into place. Everything was great for a good while. But then things started getting distance one being he came across his ex gf. Started telling me he wasn't ready for a relationship when I have done nothing wrong and showed him support trust comfort and respect. Something his ex never gave him. Till this day he says he is not ready for a relationship but he gets mad for the things I do like go out with my friends or talk to guys. I feel confused and betrayed. I don't know if I should wait let go. I have tried to talk to him and nothing. help.
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3 Responses Dec 11, 2012

As a buddy that has gone through something similar like this, I can tell you, and this is going to be completely original and thought out...

Get out.

Get out of it pronto. If there is a "Well, you give me this but I'm not gonna give you that back cause it is still with my Ex" then you need to step back and avoid this person. If you are sure what you want, then go out and get what you want and avoid this dude.

You are confusing yourself as he is confused about what he wants to do. And it is a difficult step to take. It won't be easy, 'specially if you feel for the person.

But you've got to. Definitely do it.

I'm sorry to say but I feel the same way that he wants to heal his pain BUT I believe he has feelings for you, too .. it's just that I believe he is not sure. Try to relax with him and "use him" satisfying your emotional needs. Try not to fall so deep in love. Try to take it easy.

he is toxic..for he doens't bring any happiness just few moments of pleasure is not a relationship..he is right..he is not ready for you..maybe never will be too..