Tired Of This Stupid Stereotype

You know, everyday I see some kind of thing on facebook about "A real man doesnt leave" or "Real men dont cheat". Yeah no ****. Real men dont cheat, theres plenty of real men. Im a real man. Is there real women? Very little if there are. Every relationship Ive been in my girlfriend cheated on me. Its ridiculous. Girls, IM a real man. If you want someone that isnt going to cheat on you and is going to be faithful to you, Im right freaking here. Just dont talk to me if you arnt going to give me the same respect I'll give you, cause it hurts us guys just as much.
Sasuke276 Sasuke276
18-21, M
3 Responses Dec 23, 2012

There must be the reasons why all ur girlfriends that u've been dating cheated u.. to find the good one, u should meet the bad.. :)

Well I wish the good one would at least hurry up lol

Well I'm a lady and I agree with you all. Thank heavens you are out there, I am seriously having my doubts due to the actions of several chaps over the past.

Some women can't handle it, dude. Right now, I've stopped taking it personally and just shrug my shoulders.

Continue being a "real" man. If a woman has to put that as a bumper sticker on her car, she is only looking for a "real" man so she can have a place to stay when she is out there looking for "fake" boys. Or their "fantasy".

A "real" woman would have no need for that because she knows what she wants in a man. A "real" man or woman understands kindness, they understand about human emotions, how their actions affect others, that the choices they make have repercussions in the relationship. That they are ready to be vulnerable, so that they can fully be embraced by their partner without baggage or Ego.

Wanna know why I put quotes around the word Real? Because if you got to play a role as a "real" Man or woman, than that is who you are. A Role. The real you is being put aside for this "Real" way to be looked at.

Just do yourself a favor, make sure you look both ways before you cross the street with the lady, understand the tell-tale signs of someone that would be unfaithful, clear up any baggage you may have concerning such situations, and continue living your Life positively.