If Only I Could Rip Out The Knife And Go Back To Normal...

I loved him so much, and I still do. It just hurts so badly... I cry myself to sleep every night. I constantly want to call him and tell him everything, like we used to, but I know that I can't. He left me for another girl. She's about three inches taller than me, the same weight (which makes her a little bit skinnier), her hair is lighter blonde than mine, and she's in almost all of his classes. I'm 5'0", 95lbs, I have dirty blonde hair, and I'm a grade above him. She's perfect for him. She's funny, cute, and exactly like me in pretty much every single way, looks and personality. We could pull of twins if I could stand to be in the same room with her without barfing. I've known him my whole life. We've always been friends, and now he won't even look me in the eye. I put everything into him, and he just cast me aside the moment this look-alike walked through the door. He stabbed me in the back, but if I could, I would rip the knife out and go back to normal. I can't do that, though, and it really sucks.

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1 Response Jan 6, 2013

It sounds kinda similar to my situation. Except not a look a like. His ex. But it hurts so bad to give someone everything. & them have you convinced they are the one. & give them all your trust and they stab you in the back. But girls like us don't need guys like that. One day you'll find your prince charming. & this guy will men a nothing to you. Just give it time girl. & of you ever need someone to talk to, message me. Because our situations are very alike. & I know exactly how lost you feel.