Been In Love With A Manipulating

Yeah so here's the thing. I fell for this guy online and I have to admit I was a little naive then.
He was way older than me and my mom called him a "smoothtalker".

We had a good thing together, or atleast that's what I thought until today when we were supposed to meet. I felt in my stomach that something was wrong plus I was afraid of taking the train (That's another story) so I went back home and told my mother the whole thing.

And strange enough when he finds out that I slipped away from him, he felt bad.
So me and my mom starts envastigating on this man..and we can't find anything. Because the number I had from him was offcourse not his. It became more and more fishy when I talked about how he didn't want my parents to know. He wanyed me to lie to them. Said that "it was for the best". For all I know he could be chatting with other girls like me.

So this bastards was all sweet and flirty in the beginning but the closer we got to the day the more distant he got. Almost like he thought I wouldn't get away.

Well get this motherf**** i'm a slippery eel and you ain't gonna get me!

I was trying t find love and feld into the wrong hands.

Since i'm over the criminal low age we can't get help from the police.

But just you hear me girls as guys. What do an old man/woman REALLY want from you?
Nothing good I tell you.
Deepess Deepess
22-25, F
Jan 13, 2013