Never Will Be In Love Ever Again !

I've had a crappy past that made me have very low self esteem and it amounted me to date hood,street, ghetto men.(BUMS). I fell in love with the wrong men. I am really phyco. I battle with serious depression,personally disorder,and a mood disorder . I could be crazily insecure,and have extreme jealousy. I could never find myself to love again. I've been used for sex soo many times. It feels like every relationship I've been in. To try to find love. I end up with a broken heart. Very hurt and disappointing that the men i choosen to be in a relationship in all failed quickly. Now a days ,When i try to fall in love i just can't. i push the person away before my feelings get invalid with them. I used to try to risk it and take a step forward into the relationship.But i had slipped up my heart was broken and i was filled with pain each time i gave my heart out. I will never find anyone to love me. I really hurt each day from every person i gave my trust to
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1 Response Jan 14, 2013

Wow a lot of things has change since then I am a changed woman now