I Have Been In Love But Not Betrayed

           I have been in Love but not betrayed. I don't know how to start the story.
It's like, i've been lonely for years and thinkin' to fall in love again. I miss the time when God granted all my wishes. Hope to have it again. I've been in love with a man which is my sister's crush. At first, i didn't know that it was the guy she's talking about a long time ago. I just ignore the her story before because i didn't even know the guy. 
           One day, i ask God ,"Give me something special this summer"."Make my summer so meaningful and lovely"."Let me feel Love again".
          Until,that summer came and we've met --that guy. He's not the man i expectedly. I never expect someone i 've already known. Happily, he courted me. But luckily, i rejected him because of my sister. I was so flattered because he understand my situation. But later that,maybe a few months---i send him a message using my mobile. But I was shock to see his reply. He ask,"Who are you?". It's not just once. I tried to tell him who am i so many times. But every time i sent him.Its the same message I received. And I saw him after 3 yrs. he ignored me.  

eumi eumi
22-25, F
Jan 14, 2013