Each And Every Time

I haven't really been in love that often, but even when I only cared about them I was betrayed. Every relationship that I have been in, my partner cheated on me.
I think that I have been in actual love two, maybe three times in my life. Each of them betrayed me by cheating. Not one of them had the guts to leave me before sleeping with someone else. Even the few that I had cared for but not fallen in love with cheated on me. I have never been in a relationship with some one that was faithful. This isn't me just being paranoid. They either came clean or they were caught in the act.
I am fully aware that this fact signifies that my ability to choose a mate is incredibly flawed. I have come to the conclusion that I will probably never find any one with honor, integrity, loyalty, or honesty.
I used to seriously struggle with the idea that it was my fault that they cheated and I must be flawed in some way. I finally realized that the people that cheat have something that's wrong with them. If they can't either keep their hands where they belong or simply walk away from the relationship then they are just plain too selfish and weak to be bothered with any way.
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I highly doubt you will not find true love. Just because you don't see it coming doesn't mean it won't be there.

Thank you for your support. I guess instead of either giving up or looking for it I should just wait for it to happen.

You are very welcome, miss.

I am sorry if I mislead you, but I am a guy. I still appreciate it though.

My humblest apologies.

No problem. I still appreciate everything.

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