I Was Betrayed And Doubly Cheated .

I felt betrayed & doubly cheated , after the drunk party i went . I got to know that my girlfriend of 2 weeks ( she is a tomboy ) , have actually **** me as well when i was drunk & pass out , using a ' fake rubber pen*s '. This part was not recorded in the ' video clip' that was shown to me during that awful night. This was organise by my girlfriend in advance without me knowing it . As she have promised her 5 tranny friends that she would bring a ' new comer ' to the party. I was upset and sad not because i was **** , but i felt hurt because i trusted her and like her . Of course, even if she were to told me in advance what would happen then , i wouldn't have go either because i never like group s*x , threes**e or gangb**gs. It's too rough for me to handle it. I would prefer a slow & intimate session but not this un-pleasurable experience.............. But life have to move on. - cdson .
cdson cdson
1 Response Jan 16, 2013

Wow, I couldn't imagine the pain of it.

Yes, it was awful but my life move on then...thank you.