Gotcha !

I've changed my user name because I was in love with the wrong guy through social networking. I was depressed and can't hid my emotions. I am totally hurt when he treated me like I'm nothing. He acted also that he don't really cared to me. Ha ha. Well!it his choice not mind. Simply.I just take my time to think and here I come. Almost two days finding solution what moves should I take. Temporary unfriend with him until such time that my heart will be find. I will come back with my heads up!
yajmev yajmev
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2 Responses Jan 16, 2013

I am well aware that this event is a bit dated....however....I hope that all went well for you.

Sorry to hear that it can be a very fine line can't it sounds like you have it covered though and sounds like he was a player anyway

maybe :) but don't worry,I can handle this..

Yeh that's the spirit just another learning curve ay had plenty of them myself.:)

he-he :)
yeah..thanks 6_^