My Boyfriend/ex Boyfriend Is In Love With Me And Someone Else

My boyfriend and I were in the really committed relationship, he was saying how we'd get married and have kids and when we'd reminess about how we met he just said we should say that on our wedding night...and he had a best friend who was a girl, who he said had a boyfriend, and he said he was going out with her as well to her....the only thing is they never had sex, and they'd only peak each other on the lips, and wouldn't kiss passionately like what we did....I've been seeing him on off for 4yrs....and he says he loves us both the same, only thing is, he use to answer every one of my phone calls and text me back right away, he was living at my house when he lost his licence.....and when I was with him he ignored all her calls and would never text her back or anything when I was around....and now he says he has to choose between us, and I just swear from all the stuff we've been through we're suppose to be together....and I just can't take it....I feel like my heart is being ripped out of my chest....and I don't know what to do....or what he's going to choose....I just need some advice...
Cathybob Cathybob
Jan 19, 2013