Seeing Burdens As Blessings

These past few months have really challenged me, as life often does. I didn't realize it, but all of the hardship I have felt had... hardened me to the beauties of life. I began to mistrust my Higher Power. I thought it was my lot in life to suffer and grit through it.
While I still believe that is PART of my truth, I feel I must change my outlook and perspective.

Yesterday, I was able to attend the church of one of my students; a black baptist church. There was an overwhelming feeling of joy in this congregation. I believe this is so because the people felt their burdens were actually their blessings. Someone would stand and share about a death, financial hardship or something that I would see as a burden, and the congregation's response would be "God is Good!"
I began to realize that God's people see the "crosses we bear" as our direct connections with our Higher Power. I have felt this way before in my life. When my mother was suffering and dying from cancer, I had never felt that deep sense of spirituality in my life.
When I turn to God to carry my hardships, I feel connected, renewed and empowered within my life. When I turn away from God because of fear or resentment, I am only hardening my spirit, and making my load heavier.

My wonderful fiance teaches me every day what it is to Trust. He prides himself that his most defining characteristic is loyalty. He has made it very clear to me that he does not want to hurt me, and would go to the ends of the earth to protect me. To feel safe and protected with a partner... that is a true blessing.
That is not to say he is my savior. My God is my Savior.

EmilyRuth85 EmilyRuth85
Jan 21, 2013