Wish I Had Advice

Hi my name is onix. I'm from newyork city & I fell in love with a girl named Emily. ( lesbian) we were together long distance for about 2 years n 8 months .. she dumped me 5 months ago & just recently she told me she got a boyfriend & she has had sex with him. I felt my heart drop & all I can think about is her being with someone else . I know I sound stupid. But she said she wouldn't be with anyone else .. like we'd always be together n it's like she kicked me out of her life . She's happy n I'm here a mess Loseing sleep feeling horrible about my self n acting Like I'm ok with her being with somone else . I do wish her the best but I still love her & wanna be in her life n want her in mine but it's really hard to just move on when I still have all these feelings for her .. I honestly don't know what to do . I can't sleep I don't eat I don't have anyone to literally talk to bout this I feel like I'm going insane in my own head I'm just a mess .. please give me advice in what I should do I really just wanna do what ever I can to try & fix **** between us at least that we can end up friends ...
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1 Response Jan 22, 2013

Hello young miss,

Let me first apologize on behalf of those who read this and didn't reach out to you.

Do you still need some help? If so, I'd be more than happy to help you.