Not The Fairytale I Thought

My husband and I had been together for ten years prior to getting married, and have been married for four years now. We were always the couple other people always commented on saying I am lucky, he is lucky, we are perfect for each other. And i always thought the same. After a year and a half of trying to get pregnant, it finally happened. Unfortunately he had a job change at the same time and was traveling during my whole pregnancy.After our daughter he didnt travel as much, but our relationship wasn't the same. I thought it was because we were both tired and our daughter had some medical issues. About a year ago I found bank statents that he had hidden in his car with atm withdrawals for hundreds of dollars at a time. After awhile of asking, screaming and investigating, I found that he had been going to ***** clubs almost everyday and he said it started while I was pregnant and he was traveling for work. This is all he reveals and the only thing I can prove but I feel there is more to the story since we don't really have a sex life. It is a year later and still can not get this out of my mind. I have been so betrayed on so many levels and cannot forgive or forget. The trust is no longer there and either is the person i thought I married. We are stillarried but i feel so lonely. He doesn't help with our daughter like i thought he would, we still dont have sex but maybe two to three times a month. I just feel lonely all the time.
sassyfrass4 sassyfrass4
Jan 23, 2013