Online Dating; When Fake Profiles Gets A Significant Role In Your Life

Sometimes when we feel lonely and everyone else alive is unreachable, we naturally wanted to fill what is empty and chooses over the most convenient decision, technology and internet is wonderful and it spells convenience, we seem to participate the channel of technology and we get overwhelmed by the power of communication ; who communicates us or by whom we want to be communicated...either or who we want to become or who and what we want to feel, see, and have conversation with.. ....some of us don't bother if that fake turns into someone significant and lays flat when truth comes out it will hurt us so bad that it has never reach our expectations towards all started within oneself getting in touch with what we imagine and conformity towards imagine someone beyond wonderful online pertains to your thirst', just like any variety of water you want to drink in, whether clean or contaminated just to quench it out....well dirty water will end you sick :)
jadenightbird jadenightbird
22-25, F
Feb 8, 2013