today was the first day of school.
we have three new students.
my best friend (let's call him gary) made a new friend (let's call her lisa)
gary and i have been best friends for 7 years. but, apparently none of that matters.
i didn't have a chance against lisa.
she's into some of the same things, she likes music, she's in cross country with him, she's his new neighbor, all of that stupid ****.
apparently it weighs out 7 years of a loyal friendship.
i'm not saying that knowing someone longer makes you a better candidate for a friendship, i've had friends i knew for just a few weeks and were closer to me than my own sister.
i'm just saying it's bullshit to just forget 7 years of a friendship because someone better comes along.
this happens way more than it should.
as if that didn't hurt enough, the girl (mia) who stole my other best friend (jake) from me was back and so was another boy (lewis) who jake would much rather hang out with than me. and my friend kayla who now has a new friend, ella, so here i am. all by my ******* self. i should have switched schools when i had the chance.
my self esteem is definitely at an all time low.
ghostsings ghostsings
16-17, F
Sep 2, 2014