He Had The Profiling Of Ted Bundy

I met my stalker at a girls birthday party in a BYU apartment complex, I never showed interest or anything. He decided he was going to marry me 15 minutes after he met me... The guy I was flirting with backed off when the guy who I had never met before came over, sat by me and put his arm around my shoulders.... This guy was ugly and smelled unappealing to me.... I tried to be nice and be friends but that wasn't enough for him. He would send me 50 text messages an hour, spy on me through my windows moved into my ward, next door... I still get a knot in my stomache when I see a red eagle talon... He threatened my roommate, she moved out and I still didn't press charges... It wasn't until the guy who I had been in love with for 4 yrs died in a car wreck and I started dating some one new and Stalker tried to get the new guy arrested that I finally pressed charges.... I had gathered proof knowing this day might come. Text messages, I copied and dated. letters he delivered because I'd told him that was the only way I would have anything to do with him after he assaulted me, I'd had a friend deliver a letter telling him not to contact me, and also made a copy for myself. my friend signed put a statement on. It didn't stop. I went to the police and it didn't stop The police told me he had the exact same profiling as Ted Bundy.... He wouldn't let me into my house, he even broke in 2 times and kidnapped me once... He returned me but it was a joke He drove me 4 hours away from home and would only drive back if I was holding his hand when we got back and I went to get out of the car he hit the gas I had to jump out of the car fall and roll... He came to my work, he never stopped he banged on my windows when I wouldn't answer the door. It lasted for 1 yr and 3 mo. Even after I got the stalking injunction he broke it... While he was in jail I packed up and moved, changed cars, cell phones, banks and job...  I won my case on the fact that he said the police lied and my bishop lied... He actually thought we had dated for 6 mo....

anyway just needed to finally let it out....

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Omfg that literally sounds like my stalker,was he Italian by any chance ,did he call u Catherine?

I thought my stalker was bad. o.o yours was worse. <br />
I was lucky my stalker was only a bit obsessed and not mentally disturbed.