How Can A Break-up Lead You To Not Love Yourself

It's kinda funny how I found this website or maybe not. I join the experience project because my boyfriend, who I had been dating had just left for Airforce military training and I need help coping with him not being here so I join an experince that related to my situation.

Who would have thought almost 3 yrs later this would be the same person who I thought was my everything has now destroyed the person that I use to be.
This is the same person that I cried over for weeks up until the day we reunited at his graduation and now it like I don't even know him any more.
It's true that a little bite of money can change a person and that is about the only reason I can explained why this happened...I've tried every thing...I just found out a couple of weeks ago that he made a baby while we were in a relationship together. This hurts me so much b/c this is the same person that continuously accused me of cheating on him, but our whole relationship he failed to admit that he was having a sexual relationship with multiple other people.

These girls that he tend to fool around with already have kids, no college degree, and some of them or even still in high school. I can't seem to wrap my mind around how you can treat someone so wrong who is about her business and loves you dearly..

this all started when he begin to make money and all of a sudden other females who would never pay attention to him before, began to notice him..He ended up getting new Rims on his car that attracted all types of females that could never love him the way I do and he fell for it...
I've tried enjoying my last years of college, but now I can't because I have drove myself into deep depression, I feel like I can't even find any one on the planet to relate to me family and friends are tired of hearing about it and tell me to just move on.. but how do you move on when your heart won't let you.... can someone please help me see the light at the end of this tunnel because I am struggling day to day....(sorry if there are gramma error I was crying the whole time I typed this)
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Your heart won't heal because your in-love. People keep telling you to move on but they just don't understand. I know it hurts but you need time to yourself. Read other peoples stories and realizing someone out there is going through something just like you. Remember anything easy attracts more customers, your ex is attracting all the bobble heads that could never compare to you. With time you will heal.

Thanks Cindyce I'm really glad someone responded to this because I was really starting to feel like I was venting, but still hurting. I do in fact understand what you mean by focus on myself the night after I posted this I think I cried one last time. I just continue to tell myself that if i'm staying positive and know im staying on the right track in life that one day he will come back and its safe to say that I will be so far moved on that I won't want him back!!! Thanks so much again =)!!!