Crazy Chickens

We stayed in Ho Chi MInh City. It was only a 2 star budget hotel. my brother with such a mouth that had gotten used to seeing 5 star hotels was complaining how small the room was and no swimming pool.. none of us apart from him minded one bit..

My first impression was that it wasn't as developed as Malaysia is now.. Infrastructure wise.. Its like Malaysia in the 70's.. but Malaysia with its small population couldn't get any business to run for long.. but in Vietnam with its current population, has enough market to go round.. that's why I can see businesses everywhere without closing.. Give Vietnam 10 years, I'm sure it will be more developed than Malaysia..

They're even willling to let tourists in for eco-tourism.. In Malaysia we have the exact same thing but we're not allowing the locals to develop it out of fear of what I don't know.. the local boys.. all they know is how to ride their bikes and become menaces of the town.. "mat rempit" they are called.. they could have helped with the tourism industry or help to develop their town and cities but our government is so stupid.. leaving the people to become "mat rempit" and couldn't do anything about it..

Over there, I learnt a little bit about the vietnam war,  of which They even showed a documentary of the war.. "The Americans came, with their guns, shoot like crazy chickens" at this part, few americans were squirming in their seat.. "Crazy chickens" as they don't know who their enemy were.. As usual they're probably expecting an army with official uniforms on.. and so yeah they had to shoot the kids too..  . . . . .

their land is made of clay, so they made underground tunnels during the 20 year war.. genius!! If America were to attack Malaysia, touch wood, they would probably win in a day!


amejad amejad
22-25, F
Feb 16, 2010