Several Occasions

With my parents they always thought i was obese, which lead to going on weird diets, going to doctors, not eating and even having a personal trainer, this was all when i was under 14 years old. My mum nagged me to wear make up at an early age so that i could improve the little i had so she said. My father bought me medication to lose weight or even those silly creams yet that didnt help.
On one occasion when i was talking to my mother she even admitted said she hoped that my inner qualities would outshine my outer ones.. 
I remember i used to even be bullied at school, everyone called me the obese ugly one, they continued calling me such words till i left and moved to another country. course now people say it behind your back whereas to your face.
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Screw them. I think you're beautiful inside and out. I know that it's hard to believe that, but eventually you WILL come to believe it. :)

do I need to get the baseball bat ;)