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How You Would You Wait To Have A Life Of Your Own?

I have been waiting over 30 years for a nice man to treat me right... and he still has not come along.

I have been waiting patiently for work opportunities to help me gain my certificates and diplomas etc and can't even get organisations to take me on volunteer ... free labor...

I have been waiting for friends who will not abuse me

I have been waiting for an identity and right of passage to be allowed to be an equal in the work force and in social situations and in love

I have been working quietly academicly for years ... foolishly believing that the foundations of an education would give me better employment

better mind out looks, better reasoning. 

I have been waiting for the answers of how to get this life right and be accepted.

I have been waiting for the lord to hear my prayers and needs

I have been waiting working quietly towards hope and love of a better future for many ...

if only some old people knew what it was like to wait for a nice man to treat you right ... for it to work out just once...

to have the right job and the nice house and income... a nice body.

I have waited more than most people of my age bracket.  I have gone without more than most people of my age bracket

I do not own a car, I have never been overseas,  I have never had a real boyfriend,  I have never been married or had real friends. I have never owned a house, or never graduated from a thing....  I don't have one diamond, I have never been given expensive gifts from men or money. 

and I have worked hard for what I do have.

please don't tell me I have not worked hard enough at my courses... at my jobs, at the men, at the friends, at my body, at my heart

please never tell me I have had it too easy unless you have been bashed as often as me just trying to find a life and friends and a nice guy

please never tell me I have had it too easy unless you have been without as I have. 

we all struggle in our own way... and I am sick of people telling I have not and I am not worthy of a nice man or job, or body or set of teeth, or good skin or holiday, or friends etc...
czaristacrystals czaristacrystals 36-40, F May 20, 2012

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