How Easy Is It Being Bashed Just Going Out To Find Friends?

how easy is it never affording hair cuts in my teens?

how easy was it to not have a father working or food on the table sometimes?

how easy was it not having any money for school uniforms, camps, sporting equipment, classes in dance, music, or drama, or tennis etc

how easy was it being bashed up at school, or having intruders in the house?

how easy was it having a pedo to watch out for all the time as a kid

how easy was it having a drunk grandmother who abused me... burning cigettes into me being drunk and name calling

how easy was it to have a house fire to blamed for all your life?

how easy was it when you had no money for sanitary napkins or new underpants ... that everything you owned was second hand, from your uniform, to shoes, and books, your home clothes before they were sisters always hand me downs...

how easy was it having no friends ?  no one to confide in or who even cared? 

how easy was it being in a car accident or being raped by a ugly fat married pig ... what virgin would want that?

how easy was it having a stroke? or viruses ? or near death?

how easy do you think its been being treated like a criminal all your life when you are the victim of a serious crime? that no one wants to hear about your side of things?

how easy do you think it is to see everyone around you getting the love, the fun, the money, the freedom, the notoriety of talent, or the care for suffering, or the applause for skill, or luck...

please guys always remember it was not me who won the lotto.... my grandfather worked harder than many men and suffered in the war ... and had a slab of cement hit his head.... it was not me who married the pop star... I barely knew the guy... please remember I was not given this house I live in like my cousins were given a house in their name as kids.... my parents own this house ,,, I have never owned a house. 

please remember who it was who gave up her schooling to look after her father and grandmother, sister and nephew when they needed it more than I did.

please remember what I gave up for Joyce Poorter and her daughter and husband,  

please remember what I gave up for katy robinson.

please remember what I gave up for Sue t un   gate and her family

please never ever tell me I don't know hardship...

I am 40 and have never had a thing given to me ... that didn;t come with one hell of a price tag attached. 

how many 40 year olds have never had kids, or boyfriends, or money, or careers?

how many 29 year olds are virgins and get date raped...
how many teens get ignored by young guys the way I was?

how many 40 years olds watch their lives passing away from them because no one will let them live their life?

how many 40 year olds have no friends and no income? and never graduated from a thing they have worked their guts out for?

czaristacrystals czaristacrystals
36-40, F
May 20, 2012