About My Existence

I am not sure I believe in it.  How can I prove I exist?  There is no possible way of proving it. No true scientific way. I could just be imagined, you could be imagined
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3 Responses Jan 14, 2007

Over the past year I have been closely associated with helping a disabled friend of mine. Helping his wife in moving from his bed to his wheel chair, changing, feeding, just being there. This has only helped to realise what I have and what others have lost. There is someone out there who is crying out for help. You do not realise the potential and the usefulness that you possess until you let yourself go...I speaking through experience and having gone through my own lows in life.

I know I wake up a lot and think I did something that I have never done. Consciousness is a *****, no?

No actually - you think, therefore you are. That's the most basic and well-known philosophical concept. Of course - everything else could be a figment of your imagination...