This is one such experience which can completely leave you exhausted. Been through this several times. I came out with one conclusion that thinking at night doesn't help at all. Coz your mind is actually not thinking but just wandering from one thought to another with too many what if questions which have no answers.

The next day you feel sleepy at work only to realize that one more day has gone unproductive..

I have realized that while something's these things cannot be avoided and there will be such nights, A good workout during the day leaves your body much tired giving your mind much less time to wander around.

My conclusion is that a healthy body will always result in a healthy mind..
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1 Response Aug 18, 2014

True. Thank heavens, gone were the days when I had sleepless nights. Now I sleep like a log and the alarm gets tired of waking me up so it just shuts off itself. Lol