The first time i came to EP i was 17, 7 Years ago :O!!!

So much has happened in my life, so much has happened to me.

I read some of my stories and now some appear so silly... some still make sense, some stuff that troubled me then, now makes me laugh...

It's funny how you don't think you change so much, but when there's a record of your past self you remember how you used to be and who you are now.

One of the things i now love about EP, it keeps my previous me available to check on at a later time.

I wonder how will i be in a few years...
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1 Response Aug 23, 2014

Wow that's quite interesting! Pretty cool to kind have almost kept a journal of what's been happening with your life online, I'm currently 13 so maybe one day ill be able to look back on stuff! 😂

Yeah, it's pretty cool and you'll get to see how you change, also works so you don't forget who you were before, and what you believe in :)

Yep, exactly! :)