My Friends Are My Family

I agreed that blood doesn't make a family. I've witnessed that in my life. I found that my relatives are never there when my family need help. Instead, those who have no blood ties are those who always there for me and my family. With open arms, they help us sincerely. I find this fact ironically. But then I realize that they whom many people say family aren't my family. They're just a bunch of people who happen to share the same blood ties with me.
My friends are always my family from then on. 

Lena04 Lena04
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3 Responses Jun 18, 2010

Yes, it's just too ironic knowing that their relatives, and see what they did when we needed their help... nothing....

I totally agree with you!<br />
I've found that truth when I was a child and my family needed help but none of my relatives were there to offer their help<br />
It's sooo frustrating!

Thanks, Kindal. Yeah, he's so lovely, isn't he? :)<br />
I'm sorry too to hear ur story. You're right, I and my relatives are distant. We used to be close, but that was then. Sometimes looking at other family who are so close with each other breaks my heart. I wish I have the same family as theirs.<br />
Thanks for the comment, Kindal.