Me & Mine

I'm lucky. However you look at it.

I was chosen before I knew what choice was, by 2 people who love me unconditionally.
My own mother and father couldn't be together (loooooooong story) so gave me up for adoption. 2 months later I was chosen from a white wooden cot by 2 strangers to me.

They would mould me and shape me and guide me. They would love me, protect me and cry for me.
They were my parents.

I met someone. He had 3 children. They were 3, 6 and 7 when I met him. Their mother was not around (another looooooong story). I soon went from being 22 and single to 23 and a mother of 3 children. I loved them. They soon became MY children. I moulded them, I shaped them, guided them. I loved them, protected them and cried for them.
They are amazing children. I think all parents say that. But if you knew my children, you'd agree. Especially my eldest. She has been through so much in her few years (15 now) but still she strives and walks tall. I am so proud of her, of all of them. I cherish them.
Even though me and their dad separated a few months ago - we have rediscovered our friendship. And for this I will forever love him. He could have easily taken my children away and there wasn't a thing I could have done.
But I would have died inside.
I have come to realise that whilst I am only human, I make mistakes, they are the blood that runs through me.
So whilst blood doesn't make a family, it can be a by-product of it.
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ooooh perfectly said, so carthartic, hehe, exactly right;) *huggies*

Thanks hunny. It's appreciated. I love this site - so cathartic. :o) *hugs* x

What a beautiful story, honest and touching...loving as well, thank you for sharing are a wonderful person, and the journey of life does teach us all, and we learn:)...I sure have too...I love your precious story:)*hugs*