Adopting The Adopter

Before we seperated, my wife and I had spent a great many years trying to start our own family without any success. Due to medical issues it became very clear that we would not be able to have a conventional family, so we agreed to begin work on adopting a child. Our decision to do so locally was an easy one, as we both agreed that there were children right in our own community that could benefit from having a real family.

The process took longer than we had expected due to issues with our dossier that seemed to get lost at every turn of the corner, but eventually we made it through all of the meetings, evaluations and finally received the fateful call. A little girl of 2 days was in temporary care waiting for us to pick her up. We rushed that same day and immediately, instantly and wholeheartedly fell in love with her the moment we saw the tiny little angel.

Over the course of the next 2 years the process continued as the biological mother contested the injustices of the system that saw her fourth child being taken from her, as had the previous three; two of them having been placed in the care of their grandparents, the other in the hands of his biological father. Things being what they are, the process was endlessly delayed by the biological mother which gave us the chance to get to know the biological grandmother and the rest of the family as well as begin the process of adopting a second lovely little girl.

Strangely enough and against all expectations the biological family had been thrilled to see us be there to take care of their little girl and vowed to help us in whatever way we needed, not only to adopt *their* little girl but also our second. In the end it was their effort that made it possible for us to finally adopt both our daughters on the same date, and in the process gain an entire family (minus the biological mother).

We adopted the little girls as our own and the family adopted us in the same respect including our second child who had no blood relation to anyone. It was all more than we could have ever imagined or hoped for, a dream come true beyond any and all expectations.

Alas, about two months after the adoption had been completed my wife and I had a massive falling out and we seperated. Although the girls are with her during the week and with me during the weekends, the rest of the family is trying its best to keep the peace and see us reunite because afterall, we are all part of *their* family.

Update -

The seperation is final, a divorce is unescapable despite all that has been said and done.  She had found a new man, a new religion and made decisions that has forced people to make a decision as to where they stand in this affair.  The dream that had come reality is shattered yet the family is there with their support and love proving even more that blood does not make a family.
Falcran Falcran
41-45, M
Oct 25, 2011