Outside Of The Blood

Since i was young, i always just wanted to be part of a family, sit down at dinner, laugh and talk to each other. But my family never accepted me i don't know why but it hurt, they said some horrible things to me and i can't stand being around them. Being told that you make your mom sick and you should go kill yourself wasn't exactly what i had planned for a happy family.

But someone saved me, i met someone a friend when i was around 14 and thats when i realised that my biological family meant nothing, i now call this person mom, most people think its weird but some people think its great that i found someone to give me what i have always been missing. She makes sure i eat, so homework and she made me turn my life around. I used to do drugs and get drunk and get in all kinds of trouble cause i hated my family and thought i would be stuck with them and there hatred for me. But she helped me through it all and she is the best mom i could of asked for, she is only 5 years old then me, but when i met her and we sat down for dinner i felt like i was at home, i felt like she was the family i should of had and i wouldn't change for anyone. She cares how i do in school and she doesnt even live in the same country as me, my parents here dont even care and they drop me to school everyday. Well only a few more years and hopefully she will come see me and we can live together and i can forget about this so called "family" i have here.
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"Blood can be as thin as water"

Blood don't always make a family good friends are family that we chose to have in our lives and sometimes friends are closer than blood I know for me that is true.The friend that took you in Is more of a family by your desc<x>ription than the one you were born into by blood.

Cherish those who cherish you. As difficult as it is to be in a biological family that treats you that way, always remember that you are fortunate enough to have found someone that you mean some much to.<br />
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Don't disappoint her as she is a gift that many children never realize. It sounds like you know how to appreciate this gift to you. I think you have done fantastic to let her help you and turn yourself around. It would have been so easy to make the wrong choice but you made the right one...

Thanks :)