One Blood Sibling; Too Numerous Sisters To Count

I've got one brother who's a blood relative who I'd do anything for; he's my best friend and I trust him implicitly.

However, I've found that, over the years, I've gathered several women friends who treat me like a brother, and I treat like sisters. I've got 2 listed as such on FB, a third and fourth who probably "know" they fall into that category, and another 5 who are actually related to each other (5-21 years older) but treat me like a little brother (though, of the last 5, there is one who has admitted to maybe willing to date me if age (~20yrs = meh) and distance (~3K miles = significant) weren't in the way; I'm of the same mindset.)
Eadric Eadric
46-50, M
Aug 18, 2012