Who made the rule saying you have to love/respect people who are related to you? Please.
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Well God made that rule but it dosent say you have to do it close by!!

I haven't seen or talked to mine in 12 yrs!! Some I respect some no way in he''!!! Loving family sometime is like that teacher you had that you liked a memory!

I have a saying that I say to people that want to talk to me that I don't want to talk to!! It goes IF YOURE not in my life now then your not going to be in my life in the future !! The past is the past I've moved on so should you

Preach it

I think choosing your relatives is like "pin the tail on the donkey". Then once you get born the blindfold comes off.

I know what you mean. The moment I or one of my cousins do something awful we are backstabbed and, in one case, my cousin was ditched. I'm only acknowledged when I get an award or something.

^by our family, I mean