Don't Like Downers

While my friends were taking every pain killer, Quaaludes, or whatever other downers they could acquire I was at the other end of the spectrum.  I liked speed. I loved getting pumped up, feeling my heart pounding in my chest, the intense rush, the feeling of indestructability.  Methamphetamine and cocaine were my drugs of choice although I  also did quite a bit of hallucinogetics too. Speed was envigorating, giving one superhuman amounts of energy to burn. You can snort it, smoke it (called "chasing the dragon"), shoot it, or even mix it in a beverage.  Bikers had the best speed so that's where I used to hang out to have access to the good stuff.  I gave it up several years ago but have vivid memories of some pretty wild times under the influence of speed.

zillaron zillaron
51-55, M
2 Responses May 24, 2009

I know the feeling! It's been much longer than 4 years since I've had the pleaseure but I can tell you that the desire dissipates with time.

i want to do that again so bad even tho i haven't touched it in 4 just haunts me everyday still.