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I first experienced with LSD when I was 19. It was mid Februrary I'd say, so it was quite chilly at night. Before tripping on this night, I had no interest in the hallucinogen, nor did I have any prior knowledge of its effects. My boyfriend at the time assured me it would be fine, and his stories and experiences with the drug had me pretty convinced. So we planned it all out. We bought about a ***** of hits which was on tie dye blotter paper if i'm not mistaken. The trip begun about 30-45 minutes in. Literally, one of the most life-changing, strangest, most interesting things I've ever done.

Uncontrollable laughter started in the beginning during the "climbing up". I noticed things started to begin look a little wavy and move slowly back and forth, getting larger and smaller. The physical feeling was acceptable in my book. It was like a constant tickling feeling in my stomach, but not in an unbearable way, just like a funny sensation. Maybe it could be described as butterflies, without the nervous feeling.

As the trip heightened, things really started becoming more distorted, but it was all alright. I really didn't know what to think of it all. Being a female, I already overanalyze everything, so rather than just sitting back and enjoying the trip and doing outdoor activities with the other 3 boys I was with, I was persistantly trying to analyze and come up with some sort of definite answer as to what this psychedelic was doing to me! I remember being content for the most part, but I felt as if I was just following my boyfriend and his two fraternity brothers around a lot. We made a journey from the fraternity house to J.J.'s so they could smoke a little pot. (I am not opposed to smoking pot, but at the time I was being drug tested so therefore I could not participate).

On the way there was when I realized that this was something real that I had gotten myself into. This was because as we were walking on the icy grass, I glanced up at the clear night sky only to see that the stars, which once were white and bright with a slight tinkle were now RED, LIME GREEN, and ROYAL BLUE. I've described this to so many people, because the image was just so vivid to me. They were twinkling these colors and it was absolutely beautiful. I blinked numerous times only to find that my eyes weren't lying, they were just induced. I was mind blown. There were slight trails coming out from them, and my boyfriend told me that had I taken more hits rather than just one, then the trails would be much longer. The orange street lights now had a rainbow circle around them all. Other random street lights all had the same circling them. It was nice to know that the people I was with saw the same thing. It was all beautiful to me. I couldn't get past being so mind blown about it all.

When we get to J.J.'s, I start spiraling downhill and was just completely terrified about my life, where it was heading, my legal trouble, and basically any negative thought I had about myself/life was filling my head. I got scared and began to cry. Matt, Taylor, and J.J. all talked me out of it though while bringing me back up to a more happy trip. I'm quite a pessimist in the first place though, so my mindset with the LSD could have been predicted anyway. I was fine after that though.

The only way I could describe what LSD does to your mind and thoughts is that any idea or thought you had prior to taking the drug are all explained and understood while on it. It was epiphany after epiphany. Each thought I had and wondered about before, now had this synapses in between them and everything was surfaced. That was enjoyably intense.

I remember when it came to conversation, I had stuff to say, but it was hard to mouth it. It was difficult to just "spit it out". There was a lot of laughing between the four of us all night/morning.

Another aspect about the psychedelic, is that no matter what was going on I felt this "wolf-pack" feeling between the four of us. When we went back to the fraternity house packed with drunk brothers and girls, loud music, flashy colorful lights, and what else have you, I felt this connection between us. It was like I just always wanted to make sure they were alright and not freaking out somewhere. I always enjoyed coming back to where they were at. It was always hard to leave them, whether it was to go get a beer for my boyfriend or to go to the restroom. I remember trying to leave the room 3 separate times but couldn't because something didn't want me to leave them. It was quite humorous actually.

I remember getting "stuck" in my boyfriend's room looking at the dancing Grateful Dead bears on a tapestry, observing his goldfish, and the most strange and enigmatic, getting stuck looking at myself in the mirror. It just did not look like me. I have brown eyes that looked black. It was trippy, and I didn't know what to think about it. Everything was just so different and strange. It was just so interesting to me!

Talking to people who weren't tripping, but were absolutely wasted was another strange thing. It made me nervous and I just walked away from a few people. There were long pauses in whatever we were talking about which caused me to walk away. There should have been no worries although, because of their drunkenness.

This trip lasted for about 8 hours, give or take. I actually drove my car the next morning to get breakfast (which I just stared at and couldn't eat) and 30 minutes down the road to a mountain I wanted to show the boys. It was so beautiful in the day time, and I've heard it's so much fun and better. Driving was not that difficult at all, just different. The trees swaying in the wind along with the natural wave from the acid was just mystifying and amazing to me.

After we got back, I was distraught about the time of the day it was, around 10 am, so I just went to sleep all day, and everyone else went their own way as well. There was not really a hangover, just a curiosity whether or not it was still in your system or not.

I can say that it was a wild ride and If you have a stable mind, prepare yourself and "respect" the drug, then go for it and give it a try. I have only done it a couple of times, but am willing to try it again under safe and comfortable circumstances.

The lack of knowledge and information on the brain and the drug itself is a scary aspect. Until scientists and whoever discovers and invents new technology for brain study and the effects of LSD, I'll probably try to keep my distance away from it, maybe.

This is my first post, and I am honestly just curious if other people have experienced the same thing. I just wanted to share this. Feel free to comment with any questions or comments. I'm totally interested!
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Yeah . . .been there.I had same experience:'wolf pack',uncontrollable laughing,intense psychological&spiritual experiences-'new frontiers'-and music,man.Music was literally out of this world!!! New dimensions-metaphysical discussions,trip/trip/trip/trip.But beware.Do not take drug when depressed.

you are good

Thanks so much

you are good

The "butterflys in my stomach" sensation is an interesting thing. It's not actually anything caused by tripping, it is the normal functioning of the muscles surrounding you stomach and intestines. When you eat something, these involuntary muscles expand and contract to aid in digestion, you don't feel it because your brain has learned to block it as an unnecessary distraction. Think about getting that feeling every time you ate something, it would get pretty unpleasant after awhile.

So...our brains learn to block that sensation while we are still babies. When you trip, that "block" is temporarily removed and you can "feel" all of those muscles again. It also removes other "blocks" that we either automatically put up, like the muscle sensations, or ones that we constructed to "block" painful or otherwise intense memories, this is the Number One Cause of "bad trips"

It also temporarily gives you an easy method for "turning off" you ego and allowing your "true self" to emerge. This is something your ego CANNOT tolerate. Your ego wants deperately for you to believe that you cannot survive without it, NOT TRUE. You can get along quite well without it, and when you trip, you temporarily do! Many people have bad trips because they cannot bear the thought of unplugging their egos for a single moment, let alone hours on end.

In general, it's folks with fragile egos to begin with that have a hard time with tripping. Folks who already allow much of their "real selves" into their daily lives usually find the experience fun.

I find your response highly interesting. I've actually never heard the reasoning behind all of my thoughts. I agree, you have to be honest with yourself before you can even think about letting a drug do it for you.

Just a little, super short history lecture, then some practical advice.

LSD first discovered in the 30's, in Europe, I think. It was only after the war that some prominent psychologists and psychiatrists became interested in it because of it's demonstrable ability to remove "blocks" and allow patients to get at the root causes of problems they really did not want to face.

I have discovered through my own experience that the removal of blocks does not have to be a threatening experience, it's mainly the suddenness of it, that and the fact that most people don't know whats going to happen ahead of time. Of course, it also depends on what is being unblocked.

In the 50's psychiatrists were very careful to administer it under tightly controlled conditions, a room with no windows, phones or other outside distractions, indirect lighting, comfortable furniture, paintings by Impressionist painters like Van Gogh or Monet, and the psychiatrist was there from beginning to end to "guide" the patient.

From there it went to dropping acid and going to Dead shows. (I only did that a FEW times...well, more than a few...but I had FUN...dammit!)

Um...where was I? Oh...I learned that simply because a block was removed, it didn't mean that I HAD to focus on some unpleasant memory. While I could not "re-block" while I was high, I could turn my attention to something else, pretty easy to do at a Dead show, especially if I could find the space to dance without slamming into other people.

Another thing, physical activity, extra-especially- especially stuff like dancing is soooooooo much fun when you're high!!!!

You become so much more aware of your body, you feel the muscles interacting, just doing stretches is special! Doing yoga will actually make you higher. But I prefer dancing myself. That was another thing, growing up I had the usual "guy" reaction to dancing..."Guys Don't Dance" tripping at concerts and even shows at local clubs helped me loose that fear, and it IS a fear, fast.

Fear of dancing in public is an ego thing with guys, the fear of looking foolish or (gasp) UNCOOL!!!!:(

Which is why the wait until they're s**tfaced and practically falling over before they try. Talk about self- fulfilling prophecies. Anyway, should you choose to do it again, do it with people you like and trust, make some time for physical activity (DO clear the furniture out of the biggest room to create a dance space...just an idea....) And remember, stuff encountered while it is "un-blocked" does NOT have to be dealt with right then and there. In fact, it is best if you don't, focus on something else. Like...dancing! Or bike riding, or hiking.

Have Fun

I felt the same way! The drug opens your mind to things you have never even thought of. The patterns are beautiful and everything seems to breathe but once you get past that, it's a drug that is used to look inside yourself and finds answers to things you never even thought of, I know I cried (good cry) I realized how thank ful I am for my family and how money seems to cause so much suffering. I saw where I could be in the future and where I want to be. It's a mind open drug that really does change the way you think for will start to question the world in so many ways. I don't think I will ever trip again but It was definitely an amazing and scary experience