The First Time I Did Acid

It was the last day of school my senior year of high school. I had only smoked weed once before and had only been drunk about 3 times so doing acid was an experience I was not prepard for. I took the tab at 7 in the morning. I started to feel it's effects at 8am, I was vice president of the high school student council so I had too do the pledge of allegiance every morning over the intercom. That was pretty intense and it just got crazier from there. The trippiest part of the day was around 11am when I started to peak. They had an assembly for all the seniors, I remember I was eating a blueberry muffin, I had just finished it and threw the wrapper on the ground. I was staring at the wrapper when it started pulsating & GROWING! The remanants of the blueberry on the wrapper cracked open and all of sudden a hundred bugs came flying out towards me! I blinked and they disapeared. I kicked the wrapper away from me and tried to focus on the assembly. What a day, that started my unfortunate life time love of drugs. I've done acid over 50 times since then, but the first time was stil the best.
johnstrongkfsjj johnstrongkfsjj
31-35, M
Jan 10, 2013